Can I use a remote control with this software?

Yes. Any presentation remote that supports keyboard mapping will allow you to control PromptDog.

We recommend the Air Mouse Mobile by

The Air Mouse Mobile has 3 programmable buttons and a scroll wheel. While other remotes (such as the Keyspan URM-15T) have the requisite programmable buttons, the scroll wheel on the Air Mouse makes it easier to control the scroll speed with PromptDog.

The Air Mouse is also ergonomically designed to be held elevated in the air, which is quite different to the grip you typically use when a mouse is operated on a flat surface like your desk.

Whichever one you get, you'll want to map the following keyboard shortcuts to your remote:

  1. S key (start/stop prompting - the green button top left in the PromptDog control window)
  2. Spacebar (pause/resume)

If you use the recommended Air Mouse Mobile, Gyration supplies proprietary software called MotionTools to map these shortcuts to your remote.

You can download that software (32 or 64bit depending on your operating system) at

Then watch this video for instruction on how to program your Air Mouse.

Note that if you choose a remote without a scroll wheel, you'll also need to map the UP and DOWN arrow keys to your remote for forward and reverse scroll.