Live Teleprompter Training

In a previous post, we told you about several video-based training resources and DVDs available to help kick start your teleprompter presentation skills.

One of those resources was the training DVD by Patricia Stark  at

Patricia is well known in the media world having worked as a television host, actor and media trainer. She has hosted for a variety of channels such as The Learning Channel, WB Network, CNBC, Discovery Networks and Food Network.

Aside from the DVD home study course, Patricia also offers live teleprompter training in New York City. According to the sales page blurb for this group based course:

“You’ll train with professional TelePrompTer equipment along with a highly experience prompter operator who has prompted for Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and James Earl Jones to mention just a few”.


You can read more about this live training at

Note: They also offer 1-on1 private training.