For Solo Presenters

For Solo Presenters

Working alone? No teleprompter hardware? No problem! PromptDog will get you started AND grow with you as you add more gear.

For Marketing Teams

For Marketing Teams

Perfect for corporate marketing and communications teams, non-profits and schools who need professional grade software that won't break the bank.

For Video Production Houses

For Production Houses

Don't put up with second-rate bundled software any longer! PromptDog is compatible with most professional teleprompter hardware.

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Eliminate camera fear. Simplify your shoot.
Look and sound more professional.

If you or your colleagues would rather run into a burning building than get in front of the camera, then we've got great news for you . . . it doesn't have to be that way. Use the same tool TV presenters have been using for years and you'll be presenting like a pro, instantly.

Transform your presentations and your mindset in one easy step, making camera fear and procrastination a thing of the past.

Think about that for a moment. How cool would it be to approach every presentation with the confidence of knowing that you can just rock up and nail your performance, every time?

Sure, you still need a great script, some equipment and a few pointers (we can help you with all those) . . . but the magic ingredient that will help turn those inanimate objects into a memorable, professional presentation that you can be proud of, is PromptDog.

So, join the dozens of professional teleprompter operators and commercial video production houses who choose PromptDog every year to replace the clunky, hard-to-use software that came with teleprompters that cost them $000s.

No special equipment required

The best part is, you don't need equipment costing thousands of dollars to use PromptDog. A laptop and a video camera (even a smartphone will do) are all you need to get started. And it's dead simple to use - that's why we call it the world's easiest software teleprompter . . .

World’s easiest teleprompter software

The world's easiest teleprompter software

Step 1

Import your script

Text file icon

Load your script in plain text format by clicking 'Import Text' or simply drag the file into the operator window.

Step 2

Hit the start button

Play button icon

Click the 'Start Prompting' button or the play icon to arm the prompter.

Step 3

Control the speed

Mouse icon

Use your mouse scroll wheel or up/down arrow keys to start scrolling and control the speed.

All the features you need to ‘go pro’

All the features you need to go pro
. . . without the huge price tag

While PromptDog truly is the world's easiest desktop teleprompter software (no expensive hardware is required to get started), this tool alone has the features to grow with you as your productions grow in sophistication:

Features – Col 1

  • Smooth Quiet Scrolling
    Adjust prompter speed with mouse scroll wheel, up/down arrow keys, laptop trackpad or compatible remote controls!
  • Pause & Restart
    Pause and restart prompter at same scroll speed (via space bar or remote).
  • Quick Rewind
    Super fast mouse wheel rewind to back up a few lines for rapid re-takes.
  • QuickSearch
    Instantly jump to a specific word or phrase in both the script editor and operator window.
  • International Languages Updated!
    UTF8 unicode support for non English languages and special characters.

Features – Col 2

  • Change Display Settings
    Control text size, font, line spacing and invert black text on white background directly from the main operator window.
  • Save Settings New!
    Save your settings at the end of a session and PromptDog will automatically restore those settings at the start of your next session.
  • ezEdit
    Make on-the-spot script revisions with the 'always available' script edit button.
  • Colorize Text
    Easily colorize specific sections of your script to emphasize specific words or designate different segments for multiple speakers.

Features – Col 3

  • Dual Screen Support
    Optional second monitor display for sessions with seperate operator and talent. Perfectly synchronized and resizable.
  • Mirrored Text
    One click text reversal for use with professional and DIY hardware alike. Displayed via an optional second talent monitor, the reversed text will appear normal when reflected off beamsplitter glass placed directly in front of the camera.
  • Adjustable Eyeline Indicator
    Click and drag eyeline indicators on left, right or both. Transparency adjustable and automatically mirrored in second monitor.


"In my view, PromptDog BLOWS ALL THE OTHERS AWAY . . . and you can quote me on that - I've used lots of them over the years."

Liz Stuckey

Work with an Operator

Work with an Operator

PromptDog supports the use of separate windows for the operator and talent, both perfectly synchronized and resizable.

This setup frees the talent to concentrate on his/her presentation without distraction.

Pro Tip: Simply read the script at your own pace and let the operator follow. The talent sets the teleprompter scroll speed, not the operator.



Fly Solo

Fly Solo

Sometimes it's just not practical to have someone else operate the prompter so you have to don your superman outfit and do it all yourself.

PromptDog makes it easy to pull this off with keyboard shortcuts that can be mapped to compatible remote controls.

Check out our FAQs to see which remote we recommend and why.



PromptDog is compatible with all teleprompter hardware that uses beamsplitter glass placed in front of the camera so the talent is able to read sharp, smooth scrolling text floating magically right in front of the camera lens.


The text, of course, is invisible to the camera.

Whether you employ professionally designed hardware or build your own, a through-the-lens setup offers the ultimate in direct to camera presentation results.



Above/Below the Lens

Above/Below the Lens

Use any one of several options available to mount your PromptDog display monitor above, below and even beside the camera lens and still get great results.


Follow a few simple rules when using this setup and most people will be hard pressed to tell you are not using purpose-built hardware.

Look out for our free training tips on how to get the best result possible using this type of setup.

LCD/LED Monitor

LCD/LED Monitor

PromptDog requires no special display equipment.

field-monitorUse your existing desktop or laptop screen mounted under the camera, or connect any external flat panel LCD/LED monitor.

Professional teleprompter hardware will often ship with a compatible screen included, and even small field monitors can be a viable option.



iPad/Android Tablet

iPad/Android Tablet

Display your PromptDog output on an iPad or Android tablet!


Several inexpensive 3rd party apps now available allow you to display PromptDog output on a tablet.

You can even use your tablet with purpose built through-the-lens hardware.



No nonsense money back guarantee

If for any reason PromptDog doesn't suit your purpose, simply let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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PromptDog licenses are a one-time fee, good for installation on up to 2 computers (any combination of Windows or Mac OS X).

$97 Just $67

FAQ Title


Got questions? Maybe these frequently asked questions will help!

FAQ – Col 1

What are the system requirements?

Mac OS X
Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 or 10
Internet connection (for registration and updates)


Mouse scroll wheel or trackpad
2nd monitor (where working with an operator)

Can I install PromptDog on multiple computers?

Yes! We allow two registrations per license, regardless of platform (Windows or Mac OS X). That means so you can install one copy on your Windows studio computer and a second instance on your Macbook Pro laptop for example.

To register the second copy, simply enter the the same serial number or email address used when registering the first instance.

Do I need professional teleprompter hardware to use PromptDog?

No. PromptDog is compatible with all teleprompter hardware that uses mirrored glass placed in front of the camera lens, but the output can also be displayed on a monitor placed above, below or even beside the camera.

Can I use my laptop webcam with PromptDog?

You could, but we don't recommend it. For best results, the talent (presenter) should be positioned at least 10 ft away from the camera. Otherwise, viewers will detect left to right eye movement as you read each line of text. Most webcams have a fixed focal length (ie no optical zoom), so if you are correctly positioned the shot framing will probably be less than optimal.

The good news is that if you have a smartphone, you can use a lens adapter like this one to add optical zoom functionality to your phone's HD camera.

FAQ – Col 2

How do I adjust the scroll speed?

Click the Start Prompting button and move your mouse scroll wheel (on the top of your mouse) to activate scrolling.

Moving your mouse scroll wheel down will also increase the speed of prompting. Moving your scroll wheel up will slow down the speed of prompting and then reverse the direction of the scrolling text.

You can also check the invert scroll direction box (in the control panel) to reverse the direction. Then, moving your mouse scroll wheel up will activate scrolling.

If you do not have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can also use the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust your scrolling speed and direction.

If you are using a laptop, your trackpad can act as your scroll wheel. Just make sure you have your trackpad preferences (under System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Trackpad) set to allow two-finger scrolling.

Once scrolling has been initiated, use the keyboard space bar to pause/resume.

Can I use a remote control with this software?

Yes. Any presentation remote that supports keyboard mapping will allow you to control PromptDog.

We recommend the Air Mouse Mobile by Gyration.com

The Air Mouse Mobile has 3 programmable buttons and a scroll wheel. While other remotes (such as the Keyspan URM-15T) have the requisite programmable buttons, the scroll wheel on the Air Mouse makes it easier to control the scroll speed with PromptDog.

The Air Mouse is also ergonomically designed to be held elevated in the air, which is quite different to the grip you typically use when a mouse is operated on a flat surface like your desk.

Whichever one you get, you'll want to map the following keyboard shortcuts to your remote:

  1. S key (start/stop prompting - the green button top left in the PromptDog control window)
  2. Spacebar (pause/resume)

If you use the recommended Air Mouse Mobile, Gyration supplies proprietary software called MotionTools to map these shortcuts to your remote.

You can download that software (32 or 64bit depending on your operating system) at https://www.gyration.com/pages/downloads

Then watch this video for instruction on how to program your Air Mouse.

Note that if you choose a remote without a scroll wheel, you'll also need to map the UP and DOWN arrow keys to your remote for forward and reverse scroll.

Is there any international language support?

Yes. PromptDog offers UTF8 unicode support for non English languages and special characters.

Will PromptDog run on my iPad or Android tablet?

While PromptDog can’t be installed natively as an app, you can display the PromptDog output on either an iPad or an Android tablet and achieve the same result.

There are several 3rd-party apps available which are designed specifically to use your tablet as a second monitor for your desktop or laptop computer. Our favorite is Duet Display.

More FAQs

Need more? You can find all frequently asked questions here.

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