What do you mean my script needs editing!

Depending on your outlook, you may welcome or resist the notion that your teleprompter script may need a little . . . ahem . . . help. 

However, the fact is, there are very few DIYers who couldn't use some oversight from a professional script coach. Some could do with a lot!

At first blush, writing a script for your teleprompter presentation might sound easy. I mean, really . . . how hard can it be? Just write what needs to be said and get it done.

But all too often, the reality is somewhat different. You struggle past the writer's block that sets in immediately after you get the first sentence down and finish the first draft, only to find that what looked fine on paper sounds awful when you read it out loud in presentation mode.

Whether it's the language you are using, the tone or the length of your message, a script coach can often turn what can only be described as a pig's ear into a silk purse (as my granddaddy used to say).

The good news is that professional script coaches are readily available. Here are three reputable consultants who will be happy to help you out for a fee:

Alan Brash

Linda Seger

David Zuckerman

Note that while many script coaches (including the three above) focus primarily on editing long-form movie screenplays and theatre play scripts, most offer corporate communication script consulting as well.