Welcome to our blog. Our aim in starting this journal is to bring you information that informs, educates and inspires people interested in using teleprompters and teleprompter software to improve their presentations . . . whether that be for video productions, live events or voiceover work.

We'll also take a look at some video production tools for those doing in-house productions.

We might even be able to entertain you along the way. We've all seen funny out-takes from television and film productions so it'll come as no surprise that there exists a good stock of funnies where teleprompters at the center of the action and hopefully we can make you smile now and then.

Yes, we are of course biased toward our own software, and we will no doubt indulge in shameless self-promotion at some point. But that won't be the focus here . . . the focus will be on you, the reader, with tips and resources that make your presentations better.

We hope it helps.